Friday, April 22, 2016

I want to smell more flowers

Yesterday, like many others, I was shocked to learn that Prince had died. In fact, it hit me much harder than I would’ve expected. I grew up listening to him, but I don’t know that I was a super fan – although I was in awe of his talents and loved his music – he wasn’t my favorite artist of all time.  However, his death had a very strong impact on me. 

One by one, it seems that so many celebrities that I grew up with seem to be passing on. I think like most people, there’s something about someone else’s death (even if you don’t actually know the person) that makes us think of our own impending death. It’s unavoidable; it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have or how careful you are in life, you’re going to die. You can choose to hide in the safety of your home,  but you can’t escape that everyone’s life gets a little shorter every day.

Just after learning of the death of Prince, my friend text me. Like me, she shared her shock after learning that the legend had passed away and followed it up by a story about how she had gone to an awesome concert just the night before; she said that life was short, so live it. Her exact words were to ‘take the time to smell the flowers'.  Sadly, since returning to the east coast, I’m doing the exact opposite and if anything, I feel like I want to start smelling a hell of lot more flowers. For example, how many times have I commented on how much I LOVE live music; yet when was the last time I went to see an awesome rock band? I want to go to all these places – Greece, France, Ireland – and yet, I haven’t. When was the last time I went out and did something totally wild? Daring?

I never really got people who felt that life was meant to be lived quietly. I always wondered if those people lay on their deathbed, regretting what they hadn’t experienced; the things they never did because of what others would think? What people think of us holds a lot of power, whether it is the concern for one’s ego, how friends and family view us or even what enemies think.  It gets in the way a lot more than you might realize – how many times have you not spent money on something you ‘didn’t need’ simply because you felt you had to justify your purchase? Ever went to a psychic or to get a beauty treatment of any kind and avoid telling others, cause you know they will assume you just stupidly pissed away money? Exactly. 

I thoroughly believe that there are a lot of people who live their lives as if they are already dead. It sounds sort of cruel, but we all know people who go through the motions, never change their routine, never change the people in their lives – hell, I know people who won’t even change their hairstyle, let alone take a chance. Sometimes you got to go out of your comfort zone even if that is something as simple as watching a show or reading a book that isn’t your usual type. A few years ago, my friend watched Star Wars for the first time after some coaxing from her family, under the assumption she'd not like it; she loved it. It sounds quite small, but it had meaning to her. However, if she hadn’t taken the chance, how would she have known? It wasn’t her usual thing to watch, but she was open to the idea.

I think that’s where the problem often faced. A lot people aren’t open to new things and don’t want to live life large. They want to keep it small because it makes them feel comfortable. They criticize people who try new things, saying how ‘that will never work’, ‘you know how SHE is’ ‘and the insinuation that people who take risks are crazy. Hey guys – you only got one life and it could end up being much shorter than you think. 

So would you rather be the person who did everything you were supposed to or would you like the be the person who takes some time and smells all the flowers; even the ones that are a little bit weird;-)

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