Sunday, November 4, 2018

Peace Sells....but Who's Buying? ☮️

Back in the day, there was a song called Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying. Interestingly enough this song has been popping in my head lately due to the current political climate in the US. I'm guessing the rebellious, teenaged version of myself that listened to the song in the 80s probably wouldn't have been too happy if she saw ahead to the future.

The 2018 version of myself isn't dealing with it too well either.

The problem is that I feel as if I can’t avoid Trump. Whether I turn on the television, check out my daily newsletters or even go on social media, I’m bombarded with images of the fat, orange slob, always with a deeply etched frown on his face. Let’s be honest, the man looks as miserable as fuck. I mean, he has all the money, power and (surprisingly) attractive women he wants and yet, he looks consistently hateful as if someone just struck him in the testicles with a hot poker.

But I’m getting off topic. 

The reality is that society is now shining a light on prejudices that have always been there but people suddenly feel justified in stating them, attacking others and even murdering in the name of racism. I think we’ve all witnessed it in our daily lives in some way or another, whether it be a racist remark made by a relative (we all got one) or witnessed Islamophobia on a Facebook wall. It’s enough to raise the blood pressure of anyone with a heart … and some form of rational thought. 

It has gotten to the point where I have to watch news sparingly. I listen to The Left Daily Podcast to get the overall scoop on what insanity is taking place that day and scan through the highlights on various newsletters and that’s it. The days of overconsuming news are done. I just can't do it anymore.

Regarding people who follow Trump like mindless sheep, I have to say that I’m done with them too. I’ve deleted racist, ignorant and hateful comments off my Facebook wall (followed by the person who posted them) without bothering to argue. Is there really any use? My time is too valuable to waste on lunatics. I have, however, told off one Trump lovin’ moron who decided to attack my mother on her own Facebook when she posted a positive meme about Obama. I told the miserable cow to keep her hate-filled comments on her own wall. 

Sidenote: ever notice how Trump's followers are often as miserable and hate-filled as Trump himself? (See paragraph #2)

The point is that just because Trump insists on controlling our media doesn’t mean we have to consume it. In fact, isn’t that what he wants? To have all the attention on him? Furthermore, you don’t have to take abuse from anyone who disagrees with how you feel. Delete, block, or tell them to fuck of....whatever works, then move on. Why keep someone on your social media (or in your life) if they're making your blood boil on a regular basis? Do they really hold the values of someone you want as a part of your world?

Peace sells…but no one's buying. At least, not when war makes so much money. 💰

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