Sunday, October 7, 2018

Unfortunate wording vs. liars

I recently had a conversation with a young, wet-behind-the-ears man who informed me that he was ‘with Kavanaugh’ and that there wasn’t ‘any proof’ that Dr. Ford was raped. I almost lost my mind.  

Unfortunately, there are many people who feel the same way. And even more unfortunate is the fact that a lot of those people are other women.

I’m not saying that no woman has ever lied about being raped. I’m not trying to suggest that women are always honest with the police, in court and anywhere else for that matter but the thing is, why is it our first assumption that they’re lying unless there’s cold, hard proof. We’re concerned about ruining the ‘good reputation’ of a man, however, no one considers that any woman that comes forward against a man in power is probably risking her own reputation since there’s only about a half a chance people will believe her…even with proof.

This young male went on to say that there were extremists on all sides. With this, I did agree, however, was slightly concerned when he used the example of ‘extreme feminists’ as an example. He claims ‘extreme feminists’ are most likely to hate him simply because he’s white and male. 

I’m guessing it might be another reason however, I remain quiet and listened to his views. 

I then felt the need to point out that even if Kavanaugh were innocent, he still wasn’t a great choice for this intensely powerful position. After all, the man is against abortion and once you remove this right, slowly, other women’s rights could easily follow. Think the Handmaid’s Tale. To this, he appeared stunned and said that I was being extreme (maybe I’m the ‘extreme feminist’) and that he was ‘pro-life’ and somewhere in the midst of this conversation, religion was brought up and essentially, everything began to unravel from there. 

But it was when he told me that Trump wasn’t a racist, he just used ‘unfortunate wording’ when he called Mexican rapists, that I cringed.

Ironically, isn’t it? When Trump says someone is a rapist, it’s unfortunate words. When a woman not only says it but testifies to it and puts everything on the line to stand up against her attacker, she’s just lying.

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