Friday, February 20, 2015

Why you can't kill ignorant people

Okay, so that was probably a bit of a dramatic title and I’m not going to lie, I wanted to get your attention. Did it work? Perfect!

So when I talk about ignorant people, I’m not referring to the portion of society who simply lack
the knowledge or education, but rather, the people who aren’t open-minded enough to listen to any ideas that conflict with their limited beliefs.

In other words, it's when I'm listening to those who have restricted ideas and refuse to entertain the possibility that there could be other ways of looking at the same situation, that I feel a crushing heaviness in my chest that constricts my breathing, causing my eyes to squint, my heart to race and a little blood vessel in my forehead to pop out. They just really piss me off.

Some of the ignorant comments that I have heard in the last year or so are (but aren’t limited to) the following:

1.     Women apparently have expiry dates. I'm told that the natural progression of life is as follows: you hook up with someone in your twenties (preferably early twenties, when them eggs are fresh!) get married, have babies and livewell, not necessarily happily ever after, but you will sleep better at night knowing that other people won’t prod you about being single. For a woman to not follow all the above suggestions before a certain age (anytime after 35, apparently) means that her ‘time has passed’ and she must settle in with the knitting needles and wait to die. Which kind of ties in with..

2.     Your eggs!!! If you are a woman and choose to not use those fresh eggs in your body, then who the hell do you think you are?? They were obviously put there for a reason and yet, here you are, just strutting around in your skinny little jeans, flaunting your never-carried-a-child body as if you have a choice or something. You know, it’s because of people like you that we have to open the door to all these immigrants before our population whittles down to nothing. And speaking of immigrants…

3.     Canadian citizens come in all shapes, sizes and colors – yes, colors! Just because someone looks different from you or me (ie not white – cause it’s usually white people who say this) doesn’t mean they are any less Canadian. In fact, I’ve met some new citizens that are more proud of their Canadian status than some people who were born here.

4.     If a food company says something is ‘good for you’ – well, hell, it must be, right? I mean, big corporations with shareholders are the most trusted institutions we have so therefore, they would never lie and lead us down a road of processed food hell, would they? Of course not! In fact, I’m sure the CEOs of some of the largest food companies have many sleepless nights worrying about your health….hoping, praying that they make the next super product that will help you lose those 10 lbs.

5.     The gays. You know, one of the most shocking comments I ever heard regarding gay people, was when one man told me he ‘wouldn’t even be in the same room as one of them’. This man was very surprised (I’m assuming) when he later found out that his son was ‘one of them’ and was forced to eat his words. I also was stunned when another person commented on how same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt since, ‘they would just molest the kids anyway’. I have a lot of gay friends so was naturally infuriated by the total ignorance of these comments.

6.     Ignorance also suggests that people don’t change. If Mr. So-and-So was an asshole when he was 15 or if Ms. So-and-So liked to party a lot at 16, then clearly they are the same person 25 years later. Right? I mean, can a leopard change their spots? Sadly, some people don't believe that people change and evolve. Why? Because if you haven't made the efforts to evolve yourself, then how would you recognize such a change in someone else? 

.        Speaking of judgment, why do people make automatic assumptions about someone they don’t know? Not to suggest that I’ve never done the same thing, but I’ve also learned my lesson. For example, I remember when I met a close friend many years ago. She was gorgeous, with a perfect figure, friendly disposition and just struck me as the popular, pretty girl who had the world wrapped around her finger. In other words, I hated her. Okay, so maybe there was a little bit of jealousy in there too. After our original meeting, we ran into each other at a nightclub and quickly learned that we shared an interest in hitting the dance floor after knocking back drinks and guess what?  She was actually really cool and down to earth. Had I settled on that first assumption, I would’ve missed out on a great friendship. Lesson learned.

It’s kind of scary that we're living in 2015 and still carry around some very limited beliefs.  In fact, it is kind of sad. Have your own examples of ignorance? Share them in the comments below. 

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