Saturday, September 20, 2014

Come to the island, stay for the...pot?!

Several years ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend of a friend, who felt that the little province of Prince Edward Island should be turned into one, giant pot field. He insisted that it was time to get rid of the 'potato' fields (one of the things PEI is known for) and bring in the 'pot' fields instead, with the argument that it would definitely make this little island prosper beyond its wildest dreams!

Lately, I'm starting to think that some  politicians might just have the same idea. After all, there has to be some logical explanation why politicians (specifically federal) seem to be trying to clean house by encouraging islanders to go 'out west' to the prosperous job market in Alberta, rather than say...I don't know, help create work on the island?

I mean it's like, you know, like way easier and stuff....

In comes my friend's friend solution to the whole problem. Create a "huge ass" pot crop on Prince Edward Island and voila - great paying LOCAL jobs, in fact, the island might actually have people moving back 'home' rather than leaving their friends and families for most of the year. Large homes would spring up, fancy cars would fill the little country roads and people would be happy again. Like, really happy.

Marc Emery, Canada's 'Prince of Pot' could be the 'Prince of Pot Island' and become the new premier. Hey, it might be a step up.

Furthermore, wouldn't it also help bring more tourist dollars to the province? Can't you see it now - t-shirts that say, 'I went to PEI and all I got was..... BAKED' Local businesses could do a whole different kind of 'farm tours' that would give interested parties information on the various cannabis strains, ideal growing conditions and what the hell? Maybe some free samples? Sure, it would bring a different kind of tourist, but honestly, I can think of ten people right off the bat who would be all over this one.

Free concerts in Charlottetown? This is what will really make people 'Come to the island, stay for the party'.

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